Servicing from Sturgeon Point Marina in Evans, NY and NFTA Small Boat Harbor in Buffalo, NY

Towing - All vessels fully Insured and operated by Licensed Captains

Jump Starts – Dead Battery? Give us a call to get you started!

Salvage – Fully equipped salvage vessels to raise your boat at the dock or in the lake

Emergency Haul-out

Soft Ungrounding


Lake Erie Towing & Salvage
TowBoatU.S. Buffalo


With BoatU.S. Towing Service , you become a vital part of the World's Largest Boat Owner's Association of over half a million Members with 25 quality benefits of BoatU.S. Membership and Safety Foundation.

BoatU.S. Towing Service provides access to the largest network of on-the water commercial towing companies nationwide! With over 600 boats in over 300 ports, service is just a call away. Just show your Membership card and BoatU.S. will provide payment up to your selected service level.

BoatU.S. promises to provide excellent Member satisfaction, assistance and towing services (which entails 24-Hour Dispatch, On-the-Water Towing, battery jumps, fuel deliveries, and soft ungroundings) without charge up to a Member’s specified service level.

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