Lake Erie Towing & Salvage
TowBoatU.S. Buffalo

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Unlimited Freshwater Towing
Especially for those who boat exclusively on freshwater - inland lakes and rivers, and the Great Lakes (sorry, not available in Florida).

Unlimited Freshwater Towing from BoatU.S. offers maximum peace of mind on the water for a minimal price of $72 a year.

You may never pay another towing bill again!

*Unlimited Towing for on-water breakdowns in a TowBoatU.S. service area
*Dock to dock tows paid for 100% from restricted use docks

With Lake Erie Towing and Salvage / TowBoatU.S. Buffalo at both the NFTA Small Boat Harbor in Buffalo & Sturgeon Point Marina in Evans, you will be covered from Dunkirk, NY into the Upper Niagara River

BoatU.S. Memberships for Fresh Water
BoatU.S. Membership Annual Dues                           $30.00     Special Offer $24.00
UNLIMITED* On-Water Towing                                               
ADD             $48.00
TOTAL                                                                          $72.00

*Details of towing services and exclusions as well as commerical towing service level info and pricing can be found at or by calling 1-800-888-4869
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